Relocation of a family of 4 in Alboraia, Valencia


As real estate advisor, we recently worked with a Greek family, Nikos and Maria, who were interested in buying a house with a garden in Alboraia (Valencia). They were looking for a more peaceful and nature-filled environment to live in, as they were tired of the hustle and bustle of the city. This case study will detail our process and the factors we considered to help Nikos and Maria find their dream house.


Client Profile

Nikos and Maria are a couple with 2 young children who live in Athens. They both work in the tech industry and have a budget of €450,000. They are looking for a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house with a garden, preferably with easy access to transportation and amenities.


Initial Consultation

During our first consultation, we discussed Nikos and Maria’s preferences and goals for their new house. They had already done some research on the Alboraia market and were drawn to the city’s proximity to the beach and its natural surroundings. We discussed the various neighborhoods within Alboraia, including the city center and the surrounding suburbs. We also talked about the process of buying a property in Spain, including legal requirements and fees.


Property Search

Based on Nikos and Maria’s preferences, we began the search for their house. We looked at various properties online and arranged several viewings. Nikos and Maria were interested in a house with a garden and easy access to transportation and amenities. We were able to find several properties that met their criteria, but each had its own unique features and drawbacks.

One property had a large garden with a swimming pool, but it was located in a remote area with limited transportation options. Another property was located near the city center and had easy access to amenities, but it had a small garden and needed some renovation work. We also found a property that was fully renovated, had a medium-sized garden, and was located in a quiet residential area, but it was slightly above their budget.


Property Analysis

After viewing several properties, we analyze each one in detail. We discussed the pros and cons of each property, including their location, garden size, transportation options, and renovation needs. We also talked about the potential resale value of each property and their suitability as a long-term investment.

We then narrowed down the choices to two properties: a fully renovated house with a medium-sized garden in a quiet residential area, slightly above their budget, and a house with a large garden and easy access to transportation and amenities, but needing some renovation work. We discussed the benefits and drawbacks of each property in depth, and Nikos and Maria ultimately decided to make an offer on the house with the large garden.


Negotiation and Closing

We negotiated with the seller and agreed on a price that was within Nikos and Maria’s budget. We also hired a lawyer to handle the legal process of buying a property in Spain, including reviewing the contract and ensuring that all legal requirements of the land were met.

After 2 weeks of negotiations and legal work, we closed the deal, and Nikos and Maria were the proud owners of a house in Alboraia. The house had a large garden with easy access to transportation and amenities but needed some renovation work, but Nikos and Maria were excited to make it their own and had already begun planning their renovations.



Working with Nikos, Maria and their kids to find their dream house in Alboraia was an exciting experience. As real estate advisors, we were able to help them navigate the complexities of buying a property in Spain, analyze the pros and cons of each property, and negotiate a fair price. Nikos and Maria were thrilled with their new house and were looking forward to spending more family time in Alboraia and enjoying a more nature-filled lifestyle.